I am this house upon a hill,

An abode of bliss, a Home, where time stands still.

Since 1830, have I stood my ground,

Weathering the winds of change, which swept all around.

Come Ye Traveller step back with me in time,

As history unfolds and stories are told, of people, of places, of treasures divine.

Revel in my grandeur, my old world charm behold,

The warmth with which I nurture those, who come within my fold...

Experience at Chapslee the tranquility

of age and the aura of faded gentility.
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Feel the comfort of valuable objects d'art

handed down through generations.
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Savour culinary flavours from the

past and delight in the unusual.
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Behold the opulence of period furniture, the warmth

of faded wallpaper and the soft lustre of old brocade.
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Cherish the elegance of time warn imperfections that

assert character and reveal the charm of history.
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Elysium Hill, Lakkar Bazar,
Shimla-171001(H.P.) India
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