The Deluxe Suite, as it is now called, was the room of Reggie’s mother Rajkumar Rani Nilina Ripjit Singh. Nina, as she was known to her friends, was born to the aristocratic Sen family of Bengal whose patriarch was the famous Brahmo social reformer Keshab Chandra Sen. The Sen’s were keen patrons of the performing arts and while her sister, Sadhona excelled at dance, Nina found her forte in Hindustani Classical Music. Then one day, a visiting prince from the Punjab, Rajkumar Ripjit Singh of Kapurthala heard her sing, fell instantly in love and they were married within a week. Nina’s life changed dramatically as she moved to her new home at Chapslee where the duties of the royal household and the demands of conservative protocol defined her space. When tragedy struck and she was widowed, she once again sought refuge in the world of music. On moving to Delhi under the pseudonym Naina Devi, she rose to great eminence as a classical singer of Thumri, Dadra and Ghazal and was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India for her contribution to music.

Her photograph hangs above the mantle shelf, while that of her sister Sadhona Bose the famous dancer, sits atop the writing desk. The room with its delicate furnishings, floral wall paper, brass bed and fabulous views continues to resonate with 'Nilina’s Song'.


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